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Directly after arriving at the mandala bay convention center (and searching for around 15 minutes) ... some impressions from the location and the conference itself for you.

First Day on SPC12 - Registration & Keynote
First Day on SPC12 - Registration & Keynote
First Day on SPC12 - Registration & Keynote

Then I headed to Registration and was surprised about the non existant queues (thanks to web checkin terminals and multiple badge handout stations). Additionally we've got our personal backpack (with tons of advertising material)

First Day on SPC12 - Registration & Keynote

And finally there was the Keynote ... all I can say about it: WOW! ... never ever seen such an astonishing and incredible presentation ... it's like hollywood style. I've captured some minutes with my mobile phone. It's not good quality, but enough to get some impressions about it. I've decided to not publish this video, as the official version from microsoft is near HD quality - sry for hat.

Over and Out

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Time to hit the road ... it is really not that far the ... only 4 miles and 12 minutes travel time. But when you have the BEST navigation system on earth (Sygic Offline Navigation software for android devices) you'll always take the next highway or interstate to your target. When you take the raw numbers, the route over the interstate is one minute faster ... but not in Vegas ... everyone drives on the interstate (5 to 8 lanes in this part of the city) and therefore the traffic around the clock is jamming ... and jamming ... got it?

Here the google maps route for you to compare &#59;)

First Day on SPC12 - after the breakfast
Optimal Route
First Day on SPC12 - after the breakfast
Navigation System Route

Thanks to my car (Ford Fiesta with very american tires!) I've reached the convention center on time ... morealess if you have far too less time to find the right way to the Registration and Keynote &#59;)

Over and Out

The last two days were really an adventure, combined with really heavy jetlag (living in your home timezone for 2 days in Vegas is no fun) made it really complicated to hear your wakeup call. But overall I was ready for the show (yeah the conference) around 6 o'clock.

After paying the second day WiFi in my hotel ($12 for 24hours is not cheap -.-) I've checked the MySPC to get a final roundup of the tracks and lines for the first day. Overall three tracks (Business Decider, IT Pro and Developer) with a bunch of sessions booked for today ... sounds quite interesting and stressful ... but hey its Vegas &#59;)

Additionally I've got an invitation to the Austrian Visitors roundup on wednesday ... one and only chance to speak some german in the states ... but ok ... enough for now.

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